Astro Media Patch Set

SPLC and Astro Media have partnered to make available their #NASASocial COTS/CRS patch set. Collectors active in SPLC and elsewhere have been trying to obtain these patches since they were released eleven years ago. Here's the media announcement a few weeks back from the vendor:

These are patches that were designed for the NASA Social events at KSC for the SpaceX launches COTS DEMO-1, COTS DEMO-2/3 (a merged mission), CRS-3, CRS-4, CRS-5, CRS-6 and the NASA Social Reunion. Each patch has SpaceX vehicles on them. They can be found in chronological order on the SpaceX Patch List, between #36 and #119. Collectors have had these patches as a large empty hole in their collections until now.

We're releasing these patches as a set of eight. We've done some deep negotiations with Astro Media and this method makes the best sense. It gives us the leverage to actually make this amazing opportunity occur for our Collectors. Each set of eight patches sells for $75. In the past these were auctioned individually for a lot more which really makes these sets unbelievable value. The cost margins are so close that we might end up losing a little on the whole deal, but it's very worth it to finally have these unobtainable patches.

Obviously the set will exceed our usual domestic Hold-Ship limit of four patches, so when you purchase one they'll be shipped ASAP. To save on shipping costs when collecting other patches, remember to add them to the invoice. If you already have patches on Hold-Ship then they will be sent with this set.

We hope you'll enjoy these new patches as much as we do!

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