SPLC PatchesBC Discount Structure

Important email splcollectors@gmail.com to ensure all the discounts have been applied to your total before you pay for them.

PatchesBC has produced reproduction versions of some very rare SpaceX patches. These patches are almost impossible for people to locate and acquire, Collectors often resort to printing out a paper version to include on their wall displays. Instead now they can purchase a quality reproduction and complete their patch sets. These patches are always sold as, and described as reproductions. The SpaceX Patch List site ( http://spacexpatchlist.space/ ) lists these reproductions and includes a magnifier icon to highlight the minute but detectable differences between the authentic versions and these reproductions. It's hoped that will serve to protect collectors from unscrupulous sellers who fraudulently mis-represent fakes as being real.

PatchesBC has also kindly extended SPLC a discount structure. The prices are normally $30 each for a single purchase of the new CUCU, DraonEye-2, Grasshopper, Ocean Landing, AMOS-6 and CRS-7 reproductions and then $20 for a single AMOS-6 explosion patch. If you were to buy them each as singles, that's $200 total. Don't do that. Those are eBay prices.

Combining patches is the much better deal:
One patch only - no discount available.
Zuma + RR3 $50 total (save $10)
CUCU + DragonEye $50 total (save $10)
Grasshopper + Ocean Landing $50 total (save $10)
Grasshopper + Ocean Landing + CRS-7 $65 total (save $25)
Grasshopper + Ocean Landing + CUCU + DragonEye $100 total (save $20)
Grasshopper + Ocean Landing + CRS-7 + AMOS-6 + AMOS-6 RUD $75 total (save $65)
Grasshopper + Ocean Landing + CRS-7 + AMOS-6 + AMOS-6 RUD + CUCU + DragonEye $115 total (save $85)
If you previously bought all five PatchesBC products, CUCU and DragonEye are $40 total (Save $20)
If you Want a particular combination not listed here, we'll ask PatchesBC for a total and update your invoices and this page.

Once you have set your selections to Wanted or Declined, SPLC will bulk order them for you and when they arrive apply the discounts to your invoices. We allow a week or two for you to make the selections, then about ten days for the shipment to arrive from Canada. After that we'll send out emails to those who have ordered.

SPLC will tweak your Invoices manually so it adds up to the discount totals. These prices are those specified by PatchesBC, we'll forward all profits less paypal costs to them. They appear on this site purely as a service to collectors. SPLC makes nothing from this sale.

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